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Currently the Torr-Coal torrefaction facility is continuously torrefying feedstock of different compositions in medium and large quantities.

Key in developing high quality torrefied biofuels is reducing the interfering substances, such as chlorine and sulphur, in an efficient and cost effective manner. Another important factor is the hydrophobic character of the product. During the torrefaction process unsaturated non-polar groups substitute OH-groups, which results in a substantial loss of water absorbing capacity. After drying the biomass fuel with the remaining waste heat of the torrefaction process the remaining moisture levels confined within the product are reduced to less than 5%.

As a result of the above mentioned processes the volume of the biomass fuel is significantly reduced as well thereby making it significantly easier to handle and store. Also due to the higher energy density of torrefied pellets, less mass is required for the same energy production compared to wood pellets. This results in significant savings in logistics, handling and storage at power plants.

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We upgrade solid, not food competing, biomass into high energy bio-coal to produce sustainable energy and/or to use as a bio-refinery feedstock.

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