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Torr-Coal Production Facility (Dilsen-Stokkem, Belgium)

The torrefaction facility is located in Dilsen-Stokkem, Belgium, on the bank of the Zuid Willemsvaart for convenient transport of both biomass feedstock and torrefied product.

The plant itself is designed with Torr-Coal technology around an indirectly heated rotary drum reactor, which can accept biomass feedstock containing up to 55% moisture.  The rotary drum is a continuous reactor and can be regarded as reliable and proven technology for various applications. The process within the reactor can relatively easily be controlled by varying the internal temperatures, the rotational velocity, length and angle of the drum. The rotation of the drum causes particles in the bed to mix properly and exchange heat more evenly. In addition the continuous friction with the wall of the drum increases the fine fraction.

The Torr-Coal torrefaction facility meets the stringent Belgian Statutory Emission Standards.





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We upgrade solid, not food competing, biomass into high energy bio-coal to produce sustainable energy and/or to use as a bio-refinery feedstock.

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