Turning waste into money

Torrefaction is a process to produce a high-value bio-coal from wood and agro waste streams. The end product is a stable, homogeneous, high quality bio-coal with far greater energy density and calorific value than the original feedstock, providing significant benefits in logistics, handling and storage. Are you interested to turn your biomass waste into money? Please, contact us.

Your license to operate

To reduce emissions of CO2 co-firing of biomass in coal-fired power plants is supported. By default white pellets are used. But co-firing of white pellets is limited to 30% so cannot effectively replace coal. Besides that, white pellets do not have the physical properties of bio-coal. Do you face CO2 emission targets and do you want to keep your asset running by co-firing bio-coal? Please, drop us a line.

Black is beautiful


In contrast to steam exploded and white pellets torrefied biomass results in black, brittle, hydrophobic material and has a heating value in the range of coal. After grinding, the material can be densified and pressed into black pellets to create bio-coal. If you are you interested in genuine torrefied black pellets, you call us.



About Torr®Coal

We upgrade solid, not food competing, biomass into high energy bio-coal to produce sustainable energy and/or to use as a bio-refinery feedstock.

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