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Mission & Vision


To make the world cleaner and more sustainable by creating feedstock for valuable energy and chemicals production from local renewable biomass resources.


A leading global provider of industrial plant-scale torrefaction systems for renewable biomass resources.



Strive to be the best.

Create value for the customers and the company.

Committed to deliver real results.

Celebrate accomplishments but never settle for what we have today.

Integrity and teamwork

We can achieve more as a team than individually.

Help each other to accomplish the goals.

Clarify expectations and keep promises.

Be open and honest.

Demonstrate professionalism.

Take care of and respect others.


Seek to understand the bigger picture.

Learn from each other and from the outside.

Find new solutions to old problems.

Challenge convention.

Approach business and technical challenges as an opportunity to build strong relationships.




About Torr®Coal

We upgrade solid, not food competing, biomass into high energy bio-coal to produce sustainable energy and/or to use as a bio-refinery feedstock.

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